Vraag en antwoord met coach Ivica Skelin van GasTerra Flames

Maandagavond had ik een aantal vragen naar coach Ivica Skelin van GasTerra Flames verzonden en vandaag kreeg ik de antwoorden van hem.

Vraag: what did you the last weeks? Family or also work for Donar? If yes Donar, is that scouting or other items?
Antwoord: last weeks was combination of work and rest. I have been one week traveling with my family around and the rest I have been home and start preparing our season.

Vraag: in the media fans read different things about you, Donar and playing European basketball? Tv- and radio station RTV Noord wrote that you did not know about the decision (not to register for European basketball) and newspaper Dagblad van het Noorden wrote that Martin had talked to you about options to play in Eurocup. What is the correct story?
Antwoord: it was misunderstanding, at the end of the season I thought that we will play for sure, because this was logical continuation and all conversations were in that direction. Situation changed and I did not realize. We can not play if we don’t have money.

Vraag: what are your plans for the coming weeks and what plans for Donar in the coming period?
Antwoord: we have to make a team. we have only one player under contract. we want first to sign dutchs and foreigners after. We have to prepare preseason, practises, games, medical check ups, testings…. Lot of things to do because once when players will arrive everything should be ready.

Vraag: when do you come back to Groningen and when will you start the first training?
Antwoord: Monday 25.8. will be first official practise day, still I don’t know is it going to be basketball or just medical check up and testing of physical condition. We have to see how many of our players will be with national team because they will miss first week. I will be back earlier.

Vraag: do you want to say someting to the fans of Donar?
Antwoord: they have to be patient and believe that we are doing all the best to have good team. I know that they will be behind team like they have always been.