Vraag en antwoord met Cashmere Wright van GasTerra Flames

Ik heb de nieuwe point guard van GasTerra Flames, Cashmere Wright, 10 vragen gesteld en hieronder staan de vragen en antwoorden:

Where are you born, do you have brothers or sisters and have your family also a sports background?

Savannah,Ga and I have 1 Brother A uncle Who played at University of Kentucky.

Was it your dream to play basketball for Cincinnati and why?

My Dream Was to Be At High-level college and compete at a High-level. I love Cincinnati they gave me a Great opportunity and the fans embraced me like no other.

How do you look back to your college-period and what were the highlights?

I Look Back At It As A The Best Time I Have Had I have had Great Games my game winner against Alabama, Scoring the Winning basket against Oklahoma and Georgetown.Becoming The All-time leader in steals in school history. Also the All-time leader in Games played.

Cincinnati is a big name in college basketball and you played in one of the best conferences, will it help you in your overseas career?

I think so I have learned how to be composed and not let any moment get to big for me.

What do you expect from European basketball, another style for you?

I think my style translates very well to European basketball my strong point would be my shooting and I feel like European basketball relies heavenly on that.

When people search on internet they can find positive things about you but also that you had problems with knee and shoulder. Are the problems over?

They seem like a think in the past I have great trainers after the season and will continue once I get there. Even with all the documented problems so to speak I still was the all time leader in games played in Cincinnati History which tells it All.

How did you come in contact with GasTerra Flames? Do they saw you only on dvd or also in real (for example in summer games)?

I have no clue how they came up on me but me and my agent felt like this was a great fit for me.

Why your choice for GasTerra Flames and what do you know about the club?

After I researched and talk to some former players I felt like it was a perfect fit for me. I want to go to a team that wants to win and has goals of championships in mind which is my mindset.

After August 22 you will fly to The Netherlands, what did you this summer to become in shape for the first training at August 26?

I have been doing a lot of running and bike riding low impact getting ready for my first day of training there which I’m sure will be different and will take some getting use to, but I will work and only get better.

Do want to say something to the fans of GasTerra Flames?

I can’t wait to get there meet and work with my teammates and show everybody my talents and also just work hard to improve and give my all for this Team and Contribute to bringing a championship to Groningen.