Tartu tie signals start of Donar’s new European plan (interview met coach Erik Braal van Donar)

Donar Groningen head coach Erik Braal led the club to its fifth Dutch league crown during his first season in charge and has set higher goals for his second year.

Have you watched enough tape of Tartu to form a good idea about them? What in your opinion are their strong points?

Is there a favourite in this tie or is it going to be more a case of a few details determining the outcome?

Both teams have a dedicated fanbase but Tartu get to play the return leg at their home. Is the homecourt going to be an important factor in this series?

Tuesday’s Game 1 against Tartu is also going to be your first official game this season. Can we expect to see a level of play similar to the great performances your team showed at the end of last season, in the Dutch play-off finals?

Last season you exited the FIBA Europe Cup early but then picked up pace midway through the year and ended up winning the Dutch championship. Are you concerned that you will get off to a slow start once again and it might cost you in the Qualification Round?

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