Lance Jeter van Donar: ” I Can’t Wait To Be In MP Seeing The Best Fans In Holland”

Lance Jeter verlengde vorige week zijn contract met Donar en hieronder een aantal vragen en antwoorden.

Vraag: last week you signed a new contract with Donar. Excited about that?
Antwoord: Very Excited About Always Said Its Like A Second Home To Me & To Play In Front Of The Best Fans In Holland Again For The 3rd Season In A Row Is A True Blessing!!

Vraag: what was the main reason to sign again in Groningen?
Antwoord: Main Reason Of Signing Back Was Defending Our Championship & Playing Against Some Great Teams In The Champion League! We Want To Compete And Make Some Noise In It! So I’m Very Excited For That!

Vraag: what means Donar for you and your family?
Antwoord: Donar Is A Special Place To Me & The People In It Always Been Great To Me & Always Show Some Much Love To Me & My Family! It’s Like One Big Family With The Club & The Fans Supporting You!

Vraag: on social media fans could see some training movies about you. Do you follow a specific training program, can you use the gym of Nebraska and do you play later some summerleague games?
Antwoord: Always Doing The Same Training When I’m Home With My Uncle Carliss Jeter At Our High School Gym So A lot Of Running And Getting Shots Up & When I’m At Nebraska Coach Miles Always Letting Us Used The Gym Amd Getting The Support From Him Is A Great Feeling!

Vraag: the first European games for Donar are late September and about a month after the first training in Groningen. Looking forward to the qualification round Basketball Champions League and is a month training enough to compete big teams?
Antwoord: If We Have Most Of The Players From Last Year I Think Month Of Practice Will Be Enough Time To Be Good In The Champion League and I Think That’s Why The Club Made It Their Goal To Get Most Of The Players Back So The Connection Can Be a There And The Chemistry Is Already In Order To Be Successful!

Vraag: the Big Fella (Ross Bekkering) shot some balls in the Rucker Park. How important is Ross for another season in Groningen (if he signs)?

Antwoord: Ross Is A Big Part In What We Trying To Do This Year! He Is One Of Our Captain & Good Player Who Really Showed What Type Of Player He Is Last Season! MVP For A Reason And With Him Back Our Team Can Only Get Better So We All Wishing He Come Back So We Can Defend Our Championship!

Vraag: how important is it for a team to have most players back in the new season?
Antwoord: Very Important To Have Them Back We Connect With Each Other We Know What Each Other Likes And Dislikes So To Have That Is Already A Plus For Us Helps Us From The Start Of The Season And Champion League!

Vraag: would you say something to the fans?
Antwoord: Thank You For The Support You Keep Giving Me Over The Last 2 Years! Truly A Special Place With Great People And I Can’t Wait To Be In MP Seeing The Best Fans In Holland And Playing Some Great Exciting Basketball That Y’all Can Enjoy And Love!! See Y’all Soon!

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