Interview met de Amerikaan Chase Fieler na zijn contractverlenging bij Donar

Na het mooie nieuws over zijn contractverlenging bij Donar, stelde ik Chase Fieler de volgende vragen.

Vraag: in the interview you said “my expectations are to win a championship”. You did it with the team! How do you look back after winning title?
Antwoord: winning a championship is the best way to end a season, and to do so for the great fans of Donar was very special! I look back on it and try to remember all the work we put in, and enjoy the memories we made together!

Vraag: how happy are you to come back with Donar?
Antwoord: I am very happy and excited to return next season. I loved my time in Groningen, and am looking forward to playing in MartiniPlaza again!

Vraag: after the interview I thought you don’t want to sign quickly with Donar. Most foreign players wait and see options, why did you signed so soon with Donar?
Antwoord: after speaking with the club and my fiancé, I believe that the situation in Groningen was exactly what I wanted for next season. I thought the plans the club had for next year were exactly the things I wanted.

Vraag: last season you was injured at the begin of the European games. Looking forward to a new step in an European tournament?
Antwoord: last year was difficult for me because I hadn’t missed games in season for many years. I was disappointed that I had to sit out most of the European game and even the beginning of playoffs. I am very excited for the new European tournament we will be playing in!

Vraag: what are you doing the next months and how do you keep in shape for new season?
Antwoord: I workout at The Elite Sports Center most days to stay in shape and play pick up with some of my friends and players from my town!