Drago Pašalić: Skelin belangrijk voor keuze Donar en hij heeft Donar al paar keer live zien spelen

Vandaag werd bekend dat Donar de Kroatische insidespeler Drago Pašalić heeft gecontracteerd. Ik heb hem een aantal vragen gesteld en zijn antwoorden staan hieronder.

Vraag: can you describe in short something about your life (birthday, hometown, family etc)?
Antwoord: I was born in Split (Croatia) 1984. I am married to beautiful dutch lady name Teska and we have 3 beautiful kids. Currently we are living in Breda.

Vraag: what kind of player in offense and defense are you and is your natural position 4 or 5?
Antwoord: well I am a correct in defence, but I think I am better offense player. I can play 4 and 5. Play around a basket and shoot 3 pointers.

Vraag: you played for many teams in Europe, how do you look back at these years?
Antwoord: I can really say I was blessed thru my carrier, playing in so many teams and live in so many countries and citys. Gave me experience in the game but in the life also.

Vraag: was it each time difficult to learn the style of basketbal and the culture in the new city/country?
Antwoord: for sure every league brings some new things and you need time to adjust. Also culture and language is something you have to deal with. But that is beauty of this job and today I am greatful for it.

Vraag: how came you in contact with Donar? Did you had more offers from other clubs and if “yes” why Donar?
Antwoord: there is always lot of different offers every summer, this one also. I decide for Donar, because few reasons. One is alway that you want to play for the champion team. I ‘ve been visiting some Donar games, I liked fans a lot.

Vraag: I saw that you and Ivica Skelin, in the past coach of Donar, are facebookfriends. Did you talked with him about Donar and the way of living in Groningen?
Antwoord: Ivica is big reason why I choose Donar. Ivica is my friend and he was my first coach.

Vraag: what will be your role in the team of Donar?
Antwoord: that is the question for the coach. Coach will know the best how to use me. I can just say that I will put all my knowledge, skill and energy to help the team to win the game.

Vraag: what are your expectations for these season?
Antwoord: I don’t know yet what is the goals of the club, but I know that I would like to be champion with Donar.

Vraag: Donar will play in the Basketball Champions League and probably later in the Fiba Europe Cup. Looking forward to that?
Antwoord: yes I am looking forward to it. I play for many years different european competitions, and that is realy fun, so I can’t wait.

Vraag: do you want to say something to the fans?
Antwoord: i ‘ve been at the games, I know how great you can be. Please be with us in next season,help us to win as much games as we can. Can’t wait to feel your energy. See you soon.